6 Ways to get around in Mexico

6 Ways to get around in Mexico

6 Ways to get around in Mexico

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Mexico is a huge country. There’s an awful lot to see. And with a quick glance at the map, it seems easy… It is not even an inch of distance. But only on paper.

In order to save time and be flexible, it is always important to choose the right mode of transport. Public transport in Mexico is well organized, cheap and safe. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some things when planning the details of your trip and how you will be getting around in Mexico.

Car rental in Mexico

The roads in the country usually are very well developed, so you will have no issue when getting around in Mexico with a rented car. Anyway, journeys by car maybe should be avoided after dark and to remote areas.

How to find the right car rental in Mexico

When looking for the right rental car in Mexico, you should carefully reconsider your needs. Which routes do you want to drive at all?

In a big city you’re probably best off with a small car – the less space it needs when parking, the better. But if you want to cross the country, convenience for hours of driving would be an important point. And, of course enough space for your luggage. However, if you want to explore a few exotic places, you might want to think about an off-road vehicle.

Whatever you choose, if you don’t have a suitable contact for a rental car yet, we highly recommend CityCarRental for their great service.


If you are travelling with a rental car in Mexico, please note that most highways are subject to tolls. You should bring cash with you, as the toll booths usually do not accept credit cards.


All available insurance should also be purchased when renting a car. You cannot automatically assume that in the event of an accident, the opponent is insured.

Police checks

Anyone who insists on a rental car in Mexico should be aware that police officers in Mexico have an extremely low base salary. It can easily happen that one is stopped and accused of an incomprehensible traffic violation with a very expensive fine.

Never argue with a policeman. A small motivational payment of about 200 pesos should very quickly convert the problem into a verbal warning.

Driver’s license

Mexican police officers can also collect your driver’s license without replacement for reasons of proof. To avoid this problem, please always take only a copy of your driver’s license with you and don’t give away the original.

Domestic flights inside Mexico

Please remember the size of Mexico when planning your trip – a relatively short distance on the map can also take hours or days by car. Apart from trips to the surrounding area, domestic flights are often the better alternative. The enormous distances in the country can be easily and inexpensively overcome on plane.

Check your desired flight connections on Mexican airlines: