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Tulum, Mexico - Short Travel Advisory

Tulum, Mexico

Have you ever been to Tulum? The small town on the Riviera Maya is known in the whole world for its famous Mayan ruins and…
Cozumel Island, Mexico - Short Travel Advisory

Island Cozumel, Mexico

At least since Cozumel in Mexico became known as a diving paradise by Jacques Cousteau, the island has been a popular destination for visitors from…
Isla Mujeres, Mexico - Short Travel Advisory

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Mexico has very few islands, and the Isla Mujeres is one of them. Although close to Cancún, the island is a cozy tropical holiday paradise…
Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Short Travel Advisory

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

When I first heard about Playa del Carmen, I was told there was only a single place to stay there, with hammocks in Palapas (thatched…
Cancun, Mexico - Travel Advisory

Cancún, Mexico

Cancún offers the visitor the best of different worlds: Caribbean and Mexico; Present and past; Adventure and recreation. The range of cultural and natural treasures,…
Mexico Public Holidays

Mexican Holidays

There are many holidays in Mexico. Most of them remind us of special events, and of course the most important religious festivals must not be…
Mexico Local Drinks

Mexican Drinks

In addition to a huge variety of delicious international Long Drinks and Cocktails, Mexico also offers a lot of typical Mexican drinks with or without…

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