5 Beautiful Cenotes in Cancún

Scuba Diving at Cenote Nicte Ha, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

When I think of Cancún in sunny Mexico, the first thing that comes to my mind is water. The crystal clear, blue-green waters of the Caribbean Sea. And the dark, quiet waters of the great lagoon. But that’s not all. Because there are also the mysterious, deep waters in their underground caves. The famous cenotes. … Read more

About Cenotes – Facts & Guides

About Cenotes - Facts and Guides

If you’re splashing out on a trip to the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and you’re checking on the local attractions, you’ve probably heard of them. The Cenotes. And if you’ve ever been to this wonderful region, you may have already visited some of them. The Cenotes are one of the great attractions of Yucatan, … Read more

A Day on Isla Contoy, Mexico

A Day on Isla Contoy, Mexico

Imagine a tropical island… a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea. It is small and uninhabited. I mean – uninhabited by humans. But actually, it is densely populated. By thousands of birds nesting in the abundant green vegetation. In the company of rare sea turtles and millions of colorful fish in the sea around the … Read more

Isla Mujeres, Mexico – Short Travel Advisory

Isla Mujeres, Mexico - Short Travel Advisory

Mexico has very few islands, and the Isla Mujeres is one of them. Although close to Cancún, the island is a cozy tropical holiday paradise without the hectic high life of Cancún or Playa del Carmen. However, the Isla Mujeres with its colorful houses has an incredible charm, and the beauty of its beaches is … Read more

Cancún, Mexico – Short Travel Advisory

Cancun, Mexico - Travel Advisory

Cancún offers the visitor the best of different worlds: Caribbean and Mexico; Present and past; Adventure and recreation. The range of cultural and natural treasures, activities and luxury awaiting the discerning tourist is unique. Thanks to its almost perfect climate, the beauty of its nature and the good accessibility, Cancún is unrivaled. What was once … Read more