Cancún, Mexico – Short Travel Advisory

Cancún, Mexico – Short Travel Advisory

Cancún, Mexico – Short Travel Advisory

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Imagine a nice place where it is warm and the sun shines most of the time. On a beach with snow-white sand and crystal-clear waters. And then think of wonderful hotels and delicious restaurants. And spectacular nightclubs to party until dawn. Before going back to the beach.

Does that sound like a great holiday to you? Then you should definitely get to know Cancún. Because the city is quite famous for all these things.

Thanks to its almost perfect climate, the beauty of its nature and the good accessibility, Cancún is unrivaled. What was once a remote, tiny village giving home to barely 12 fisher families became one of the trendiest travel locations in Latin America. After all, here you will find also some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

In our Cancun travel advisory we have put together some interesting details for you.

Why visit Cancún?

Cancún offers the visitor the best of different worlds: Caribbean and Mexico; Present and past; Adventure and recreation. The range of cultural and natural treasures, activities and luxury awaiting the discerning tourist is unique.

Cancún is a modern Mexican city full of life. You will look in vain for a colonial downtown, Cancún was built only a few decades ago for tourism in the region. Dreamlike beaches, hotels for every budget, excellent restaurants and endless party make this place probably the most popular travel destination in Mexico.

Cancun - Beach at hotel zone

Where is Cancún on the map?

Cancún is a very young city at only 10 m above sea Level, which was founded only in 1970 and was artificially designed for tourism due to well-thought-out planning. The City is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea on the Yucatán Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico, at the northern end of a long stretch of coastline that is now marketed under the label Riviera Maya.

A very narrow headland off the coast was connected to the mainland with a small dam. The approximately 20 km long strip of land separates the 3,000 hectare large lagoon Nichupte from the Caribbean Sea.On the mainland, the town of Cancún was built, on the headland a 20 km long Hotel Zone. The hotels there have a view either on the Caribbean Sea or the lagoon.

How to get to Cancún?

It is easy to get to Cancún. The town has a big international airport. The more or less well-concreted runway in the jungle that I experienced on my first visit is now a huge airport with four terminals.

The immigration clearance is very well organized. However, in the early evening, when the long-distance flights arrive from Europe, a longer waiting time at passport control and for the suitcases is to be expected.

But as soon as you have passed the airport, your vacation really starts. The public bus, a taxi or a shuttle service can take you to your hotel very fast.